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Maiden Hair Offerings & Rituals

Flwr Alchemy & Secret Garden


Offerings of the Sacred Kind

As within, so with out, as above, so below. This miasma flows the same for our beauty and our Being. The soul essence of your truth resides within, our external nearly reflects that. Nourish your heart, nourish your soul. Nourish your hair, nourish your soul. Nourish your body, nourish your soul.

Offerings are all Pre-Order. Crafting & Shipping timeline is 2-4 weeks.

What's Blooming This Spring

Consider this your cheat sheet if you shopped with us before our brand refresh! All Flwr Hair Colors & Folk haircare have been reformulated and some renamed. Wildflower Rose has grown into a much more holistic, straight from the garden nurturing apothecary and space. Your Flwr Hair Rituals now will have the benefits of flower essences for emotional nourishment, more herbal & flower pigments and nutrients for healthier hair color and strands, and many seasonly crafted items. Our hair is a living, vibrant ever changing being, we believe our offerings serve this essence best when flowing with the rhythm of nature and her seasons.

wild FLWR rose Hair Color

Who's Wildflower?

You know when you meet someone you feel connected with somehow? Like your paths were destined to cross? I am She.

My love and passion for natural healing and plant spirit grew from my roots and wings. I am part green witch, part mystic, part healer, part homesteader. My path for self healing has lead me to where I am now. My struggles have turned to triumphs (sometimes) and sharing the wisdom feels like a blessing I must honor.

Flower Apothecary. Secret Garden

Flower Gems, Aromaflowerapy & Flower Tinctures flow gracefully with our Hair Offerings & Rituals. They are a symbiotic dance between a former hair stylist's needs and a modern day mystics manifestations. All essences are grown from our Secret Garden. We also craft with plants tenderly grown by small heirloom farms and alongside sustainable sources for other elements., Our herbal hair & spiritual blends support your Becoming. Some call it the Divine Femine, Others the Goddess; which ever you call home, let us tend to your temple & soul through plant magick.