I Had to Break Open

Wildflower Rose is more than an offering; she is my existence in the physical. My own haunting health challenges, a broken heart & career in the hair industry and a deep, searing passion for plant mysticism & ancient beauty rituals, shifted my soul. Or rather, my soul & body woke me to my truth. Our offerings are a blend of plant spirit, intuition, herbal studies, years of experience in the hair industry and a stubborn will to curate something better. Better for our bodies and hair. Better for our heart space and souls. Better for the Earth. Better for our Being.


My Roots Run Deep

Having been born and raised outside of Ithaca NY gifted me the simplest and most wholesome childhood. I spent my days venturing in nature, climbing water falls, splashing in the lakes and whispering to the summer time fireflies. After moving away, my heart and soul truly witnessed how blessed I had been to grow in such an open minded and eclectic community. I bring those moments, memories and ethos with me into my craft, into my gardening, into my relation with nature and with the world.